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The Difference Between Now and Then (aka Split Fic) - Chapter 1/?

So I thought about it for a while, and I've decided to go with the editing option.  So here's my new version of this chapter.  As usual, it's the same story: 

Part: 1
Genre: QAF / AU 
Rating: PG-ish for this one 
Summary: It goes something like this:  Brian and Justin were together for five years back in college (I'm including the dates this time around), then they broke up.  Now they've met up again after seven years of long apart-ness.  What happens in the present is NOW and what happened back when they were first together is THEN. 

Any comments on the new version are of course welcome.

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Omg It’s sooo hot

So sheltering in place takes an interesting turn when you live where you work. The first two weeks were weirdly quiet around here. No phone calls only a few dogs .... quiet. But then people started realizing we didn’t close. We are also a kennel. We have dog to care for... So long story short, Lisa and I have been grooming nonstop since this thing began. And I hate Grooming. But it’s kept us open when many have had to close their doors for good. So I can’t complain. Well maybe a little bit, there IS fur in my bra.

Anyway, back to the, it’s so hot. This seems to mean one more bad thing, Sadie started having seizures again. 😢. How I ended up with Sadie is a long story involving my daughter, her friend Ben and some chick from Chile who went off and left Sadie here when she went back to Chile. (Like Ben could take care of a special needs dog?? No!) So I have Sadie.

Still working on the triggers for her seizures but it seems that hot weather isn’t her friend. CBD seems to help. But I may have to put her back on the meds. I really hate to do it. They make her loopy and she just seems happier off them.

Anyone with advice on how to care for a dog with seizures? I’d love to hear it.


I signed up here just to feed my addiction to fan fiction so I am just now learning how to actually use this journal. I just spent a few hours reading over the “How to”pages.....and I think I know less than when I started.

But I will continue to login everyday because some of my favorite authors continue to share their muse on this piece of cyberspace.

Hopefully I can learn to participate in the conversation a little better.